About BioDundee


BioDundee is a partnership between the public, private and academic sectors to encourage the growth of the biotechnology sector locally and ensure that issues are addressed, and actions taken, to enable life sciences in Dundee to remain competitive within an increasingly competitive global environment.

The aspiration is to foster and create an environment within Dundee where continuous learning, improvement and innovation can take place, where experiences can be shared, and where best practices are embraced by existing, new and incoming companies.

Biotechnology in Dundee is a dynamic, modern industry with much to offer those who work within the sector and as an exciting and challenging career choice for new recruits.

BioDundee regularly organises training and networking events for anyone working in this sector.  Our events are tailored towards the local life science community but are open to professionals or students visiting the area.

Our annual events include the Annual BioDundee International Conference and our Good Laboratory Practice Training Programme.  For more details of these, and other sector events, please visit our Events Page.

BioDundee activities also include the publication of a monthly e-newsletter, which covers local news and events. Click here to sign up for our newsletter online.