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Chinese Business Etiquette, 14th November

Chinese Business Etiquette

James Brodie, China Britain Business Council

Tuesday November 14th

10:30 New Seminar Room

JHI, Errol Road,  Invergowrie DD2 5DA.

BioDundee members welcome to attend, registration is essential please email Jonathan Snape MA, MSc(Eng), MBA, PhD, Head of James Hutton Ltd on jonathan.snape@huttonltd.com 



James will cover the support that CBBC can provide to scientists visiting China as well as scientists hosting Chinese visitors. Based on his experience of living and working in China, he will provide some useful tips on Chinese business etiquette such as giving and receiving gifts, business cards and do’s and don’ts when dining out in China.

China Britain Business Council 

The China–Britain Business Council (CBBC) is the leading British organisation promoting trade and investment between the UK and China. The James Hutton Institute, together with James Hutton Ltd, are members of CBBC and as such are eligible for support when collaborating with China.

The objective of CBBC is to assist any British company or organisation, including universities and research institutes, to do business in China. It works in close collaboration with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), for whom it delivers China business development services.

CBBC also cooperates closely with the private sector and Trade Associations; the British Embassy and Consulate Generals in China; the British Chambers of Commerce in China, and the UK Regional Development Agencies in the UK and the Devolved Administrations.

In addition, CBBC organises missions to the Chinese market; identifies business opportunities; and provides research as well as a range of other practical services for UK companies in the market.

CBBC also hosts inward delegations from China, arranges events in the UK and China, and hosts business events for all senior Chinese leaders visiting the UK.[3]

CBBC operates through 10 offices in the UK and a network of 13 cities throughout China. The main office is in Beijing, while the other offices are located in ShanghaiShenzhenWuhanChengduQingdaoNanjingHangzhouShenyangGuangzhou and Chongqing.

On behalf of UKTI, CBBC delivers smaller research projects in China through the Overseas Market Introduction Service (OMIS). CBBC also provides an in-house research service that is specifically tailored to the needs of each company. All research is carried out by CBBC's project managers across the China offices. CBBC has conducted such research projects in a wide range of sectors, including both product and service industries

James Brodie 

James Brodie is the Manager, Scotland and China Business Adviser for the China-Britain Business Council. A fluent speaker of Mandarin, James returned from working in China in July 2012 where he had held positions in a variety of sectors, ranging from contemporary art, through education and most recently petrochemicals. James lived in Beijing from 2006-2012 but has travelled extensively on business throughout China, serving as an interpreter and cultural adviser to foreign companies, a role he has also performed for Chinese companies ‘going global’. James has a BA (Hons) in Chinese Studies from the University of Sheffield. Located in Edinburgh, James covers Scotland.

BioDundee members welcome to attend, registration is essential please email Jonathan Snape MA, MSc(Eng), MBA, PhD, Head of James Hutton Ltd on jonathan.snape@huttonltd.com