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GenTech Propagation Ltd


At GenTech we offer a full range of Micropropagation Services. Perhaps you want to introduce a new variety or revive an older diseased one. By utilising meristem culture and ELISA techniques we can provide virus and disease free mother plants or supply tens of thousands of clone plants, weaned or ex-in vitro for liner production.

Products & Services

Currently we are involved in micropropagation of a broad range of plant species. Our main areas of expertise include production of Pre-basic Potato Minitubers and supply of High Grade Soft Fruit plants. We are also involved in virus eradication from mother stocks and maintenance of virus free in-vitro plants.

Facilities & Equipment

Micropropagation facilities. Disease controlled greenhouse complex featuring: - Exclusive use of disease-indexed stocks

  • Controlled personnel and material entry procedures
  •  Filtered and sterilised water;

Sterilised compost

  • Positive filtered-air pressure
  • Quarantine unit for new introduction

Skills & Expertise

In-vitro micropagation, virus eradication,virus and disease testing

Other Contact(s)

Nigel Ebblewhite - Manager
Phone: 01382 562644
Email: nigel@gentech.org.uk