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Company Profile

MicroMatrices Associates Ltd


MicroMatrices combines world-class scientific experience with cutting-edge analytics to deliver customised preclinical and research solutions for risk assessment and mode of action studies.

A network of experts is available, according to the needs of a particular project. Services include: histopathology; imaging and laser dissection; genomics / pathways analysis; manuscript/formal report preparation.

In partnership with Certified Service Providers, we utilise the Agilent microarray platform to design customised arrays for gene expression, epigenomic and ChIP on chip analysis. Using a unique combination of commercial and in house softwares for integrated data analysis, visualization and interpretation, we provide new biological insights into both previously identified and as yet uncharacterized toxicities. These services facilitate the identification of novel ways to classify, predict and screen for potential toxicity of new chemical entities as well as for retrospective characterization of toxicity mechanisms.

Products & Services

The services we offer include: study design and protocol writing; microarray labeling, hybridisation and raw data supply; statistical and biological pathways analysis of microarray data; development of mechanism-based hypotheses; data interpretation and report writing.

These services can be provided in the context of in vivo and in vitro toxicological models and integrated with conventional toxicity end-points, including clinical chemistry and histopathological data.

We have considerable experience and expertise in rodent liver non-genotoxic carcinogenesis and reprotoxicity. But the applications of our approach are very flexible and bespoke, particularly with respect to tissue/cell-specific enquiries.

We also provide expert pathways analysis of microarray data via Ingenuity Pathways Analysis software leveraged with our mechanistic toxicology expertise. 

Skills & Expertise

MicroMatrices is built upon the founder’s 20 years of toxicological research carried out at major international centers of excellence in the USA (NIH, Bethesda), Australia (Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Melbourne) and Britain (MRC, Toxicology Unit, Leicester).

His most recent 10 years of research experience has been in the contract research sector performing genomic and pathways analysis, at CXR Biosciences in Dundee, for both industrial and academic clients. 

Main Contact(s)

Dr Simon Plummer
Email: simonplummer@micromatrices.com